Women’s Care in Lakeland Florida

Elite Health Center and Gynecology provides affordable and compassionate women’s health care services including prenatal visits, pregnancy care, STI and cancer screenings, pap smears, painful intercourse, birth control, and menopause care. Call us to schedule an appointment today.

Women’s Care in Lakeland Florida Treatment in Lakeland, FL

Women’s healthcare is a too-often overlooked aspect of a woman’s needs. Many women will avoid an annual visit with their gynecology provider because they are embarrassed or uncomfortable. At Elite Health Center and Gynecology, we are working to make women’s care more accessible than ever by providing comprehensive treatment for women in the Lakeland, FL area.

Where can I find women’s care in Lakeland Florida area?

You can find everything you need as a woman to support your overall well-being at Elite Health Center and Gynecology. Our female staff provide the obstetric and gynecological services you need to ensure the health and normal function of your reproductive organs, as well as the healthy development of your baby. We are proud to help women in the Lakeland area access the vital screenings and preventative care they need to live long and happy lives. If you have visited with other women’s care providers in the past only to be disappointed by their bedside manner or lack of understanding, we would love to show you why our practice is designed to be different.

What women’s care services do you offer?

The women’s health providers at Elite Health Center and Gynecology offer a comprehensive range of services designed to help women care for their bodies and protect their sexual and reproductive health at every stage of their life. We provide annual well woman exams including pap smears, cancer screenings, and testing for sexually transmitted infections. We also provide contraception counseling, as well as support and treatment for medical conditions that cause painful intercourse or heavy periods. For older women, we offer complete menopause care that can help you address uncomfortable symptoms and ensure your continued health long into the future. For women who are pregnant, we offer exceptional prenatal care and support that will help you not only keep yourself healthy, but ensure the healthy development of your baby. Our goal is to help every woman take care of herself from the inside out, no matter her age or her needs.

Why choose Elite Health Center and Gynecology for women’s care?

When you are looking for a women’s healthcare provider, you want to make sure you find a practice that is welcoming, compassionate, and experienced. Our providers are board-certified and understand the complete picture of women’s health. Our goal is to make essential health services accessible for every woman in the Lakeland, FL area, no matter what their individual needs entail. We provide women in our community with important access to healthcare designed especially for them by female providers who understand their bodies. We prioritize building open and respectful relationships with our patients, so they can feel comfortable coming to us with their sexual health questions and concerns. For too long, many of the most important women’s healthcare issues have remained taboo, and our goal is to create a welcoming and comfortable space where women can feel free to be themselves and speak their truth, even if it is embarrassing or uncomfortable to do so. Your health should not suffer because you find it too difficult to ask questions about your sexual health and normal bodily functions.

If you are seeking women’s care in the Lakeland, FL area, don’t wait to contact Elite Health Center and Gynecology. We provide a comprehensive array of women’s health services, so you can receive the exceptional care and support you need to stay healthy throughout your life, no matter your age.