Chronic Illness Care Clinic in Lakeland, FL

At Elite Health Center & Family Care, you can see a primary care doctor to evaluate any chronic diseases or conditions you may have. Our trained doctor has tools needed to diagnose and treat chronic illnesses. 

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Chronic Care Clinic in Lakeland, FL

Chronic Care Management

Chronic diseases are often complex, may impair daily activities and will require long term treatment and management. A chronic illness is any illness that lasts longer than 3 months consistently. Through routine blood testing, physical assessment and lifestyle changes, our providers can monitor and treat these conditions effectively.

Some of the most common chronic diseases are heart disease, diabetes, respiratory disease, arthritis, and kidney disease. Each of these conditions is chronic and requires long term disease and lifestyle management.

Chronic Disease Management

We provide on-going treatment and management of chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, etc. We provide physical assessments, order diagnostic and laboratory testing if needed to provide an appropriate diagnosis. Once we have a diagnosis, we utilize evidence-based practices, such as medication treatment and lifestyle therapy to manage the condition effectively.